When we are born, we become the fruit of beliefs and convictions that are passed on to us. For example, the way we see right and wrong, the way we know we should deal with other people, the way we believe in corporations, in religion, the way we believe in capitalism, socialism, or even the way we believe in the judicial and legislative systems.

After a while, we grow up, and most of us don’t see much problem in
continue to believe in almost everything that was transmitted to them, it’s as if it was so internalized inside that it…

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Happiness is what every human being seeks, and one of the hilarious points of this is that it is impossible to achieve it, only by being successful in a sphere of life. If we want to be happy, we must be well or almost well resolved in the different spheres of life, especially:

  • in health;
  • in family life, in friendships, in leisure;
  • at work;
  • in love life.

In this story, I intend to give special attention to the area of work. …

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Can you imagine? we all know people who talk like this:
Do you know who you’re talking to?
Some people won’t even admit being locked in the door of the bank, the whole world is centered in it that finds an offense. He comes to the guard and says like this:
He: Can’t you see I’m white? Do you know who you’re talking to?
Every time someone tells you you know who you are talking to, what will you answer dear reader?

What is a man?

Dear reader, Aristotle said that man is a rational animal centuries later Fernando Pessoa painted the picture of…


Sex is sacred, it was meant to be practiced within marriage.

For married couples there is no prescribed style, if you like everything, anything goes.

Nowhere in the sacred books does it say that the X position is the only style allowed.

Unfortunately talking about sex in many relationships is still taboo, and good parts of men in an unconscious way only think about satisfying their needs by completely ignoring the fact that it should be pleasant for both.

Why is this so serious Tiago?

It is so serious because the lack of conversations about sex in a relationship leads to divorce !!

Dear reader, let’s focus first on the mistakes of many men

Certain women at…

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  • If your child lies frequently, it is because you have been very aggressive or violent when he makes a mistake, and are afraid to tell the truth so as not to get caught or punished.
    *If your child is not taught that making a mistake is human and especially at his/her age, forget that you have a child. If you as an adult make a mistake, how do you expect perfection from his side?
    *If your children have low self-esteem, it’s because you only scold them and don’t encourage them.
    You send them to study, not to study with them…

Dear reader, this is a subject that has always questioned the human race, and the truth is told, everyone has their guess, there are no absolute truths here.

That is why, in order not to be left to me, we should rather say that we cannot confuse God, religion, and the sacred book of God. We are referring here to the divinity that created everything that exists in the universe regardless of who their guess is.

I don’t understand Tiago, explain to me better

Dear reader, perhaps you have not stopped to wonder if there is any advantage in believing in God.
It is statistically proven that those who…

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Words are powerful and should always be used carefully and constructively during a conversation or altercation, as the case may be. In marriage, men are the head and this has been conceived that way since ancient times.
One thing men like to do is to be totally in charge and therefore they take the position of boss over a woman, and that is how it was designed. There are no two ways to do this and it has been going on for many generations.

Why is this so serious Tiago?

Dear reader it is so serious because, in marriage, there are words that can be used…

Tiago o Mayavangua Jr

O pior não é quando possuimos muito ou pouco dinheiro, mas sim quando o dinheiro nos possui.

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